Vallsjärv pike fishing


Vallsjärv is a village situated 5 km from Jockfall on the famous Lake Vallsjärv.

The lake contains pike, perch, lavaret and Canada trout.

Boats for hire.

If you are one of those who have dreams about landing an oldtimer among pike, you have come to the right place. We offer you all the conditions needed to fulfil the dream! You fish in our best lakes for large, combative pike. The waters are unexploited and some also have a ban on nets, which has helped the populations a lot. Whether you want to try flyfishing, jerk baiting or trolling, you can be sure of powerful hits from large pike. Pike exceeding 100 cm are not at all unusual in the lakes around Jockfall.

Vallsjärv also has a beach where you can take a dip and sunbathe on a warm day. There is a sauna for those who want to freshen up after the fishing tour. The sauna can be booked at the campground in Jockfall.


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