We offer hunting in Norrbotten where you hunt in vast forests of evergreens in varied terrain. Hunting is offered in an area of 3,600 Ha about 35 km from the facility, in the Ängesån valley. There is a natural variation in the stock of grouse, hare, fox, marten and to some extent beaver in the tributaries to Ängesån. Alsomoose hunting and bear hunting, small game huntingandbird hunting. Hunting follows a timetable (capercaillie/black grouse/hazel grouse 25 Aug – 15 Nov, capercaillie/black grouse cock only 16 Nov – 31 Jan. Moose hunting 3 Sept – 30 Nov (break for the last two weeks in October)



Welcome for some exciting grouse hunting in the area around the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland. As our guest you are invited to varied grouse hunting where you hunt with both tree dog and pointer. There are complete packages but you can also buy accommodation and hunting permit only. The accommodation in that case is at Jockfall or at Nilles on the E10 just outside Överkalix. See



As our guest you are offered varied hunting that includes both still hunting and hunting together with a doghandler. We hunt in game-rich areas between Sockberget Mountain and the Krokfors wetlands in the Överkalix district. Our experienced guides and doghandlers will do their utmost for you the hunter to enjoy a grand and memorable hunting experience. Areas abundant in game, with a good moose population. Highly experienced hunting leader with a moose dog.

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