Ansvar Fish Conservation Area

Ansvar Fish Conservation Area lies 2 km from Jockfall. The area is part of the River Kalix and is excellent for trolling, and fishing from shore. Here you can rent a boat, and if wished a guide. The Ansvar angling stretch begins about 3 km downstream of Jockfall and extends a further 20 km downstream. Trolling fishing has become more and more popular and is a good complement that can make your angling trip truly special.

Angling contest – Arctic Circle Salmon (Polcirkellaxen) 21 July

Trolling competition from boat.

The competition takes place between 1400 and 2200.

Tickets are sold at the Jockfall campground from 12 noon on competition day.

Whoever catches the biggest salmon wins the competition.

Large selection of prizes including raffle of the ticket numbers.

The restaurant in Jockfall has live entertainment in the evening.


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