In one of Sweden’s best salmon rivers, the River Kalix, and at one of the best salmon fishing sites, Jockfall: here you can expect nothing less than world-class angling while enjoying the closeness to nature and to the incredible spectacle that Jockfallet – the falls – offer, the water crashing down and leaping salmon fighting the strong current to get to the salmon ladder.


Below Jockfall there is the attraction of a 5 km, fairly fast-flowing stretch that has the best wild salmon fishing on the River Kalix. This is where the salmon pause to gather strength before continuing their migration up the River Kalix. This makes Jockfall one of the best salmon fishing sites in Europe, above all for fly- and spinner fishing. And in addition, about 15 km from Jockfall lies Ängesån, offering fly fishing for salmon, grayling and trout. 3 km downstream from Jockfall there are good stretches for boat fishing. There are also lakes with good pike, lavaret and perch fishing. During the summer there are several fishing competitions such as Salmon Day, Grayling Day, Arctic Circle Salmon. Jockfall AB recommends “catch and release” in all our North Swedish rivers to help the salmon population of the rivers to recover.


Jockfall has extended its angling shop and now offers a greater range of fishing tackle, while Ronny Landin, member of the international Swedish Angling team, gives you help and hints for better angling.

Despite his relative youth, Ronny Landin is an expert on the fishing waters of the River Kalix and flyfishing, and he holds flyfishing courses for both beginners and veterans.

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