Welcome to Jockfall

Monday-Thursday: CLOSED
Friday-Sunday: 11.00-18.00

Jockfall Tourist & Conference facility is 40 km north of Överkalix community and just 15 km from Ängesån. The facility’s location near the free-flowing River Kalix and Jockfallet Rapids, with a 9 m drop, is magnificent. You can study the large combative salmon as they make their way up the gushing torrent via the salmon ladder. Jockfall is also renowned for its beautiful countryside and its tranquillity. What a perfect place for a company conference!

Before the 2017 season we build new cabins for 6 pers. The cottages have a hotel standard.

Reservations for the season, please contact us at info@jockfall.com or +46 (0) 70-2464152
or +46 (0) 70-625 65 87

Weather in Jockfall

During the night of 3 August 2012 a giant salmon measuring 146 cm passed the fish passage at Jockfall. It was soon followed by a 93 cm salmon, which would normally weigh 8-9 kg.