Ansvar FVO is the first beat below Jockfall FVO and features a wide array of fishing opportunities over 12km double bank with long hard rapids and smooth glassy waters.

Most of the fishing in Ansvar is optimal with the use of a boat either rowing lures back and forth across the river or casting directly from the boat holding in the current by either rowing or roping down the pools with an anchor.

Throughout the 12km stretch there are many opportunities to strike into a fish of a lifetime as fish hold in the smooth water after running the hard rapids. The Ansvar FVO stretch is also a fantastic place for spawning and many juvenile fish stay in this nursery area.

Private Beat

Jockfall shop has a private stretch of Ansvar FVO to a limited number of day tickets, ask us in the shop about more information and buying licences.


Fish of the species listed below can be caught and killed only if
the following minimum size measures from the nose to the tail fin
outermost tip:

Salmon - 50 cm
Trout - catch and release only
Grayling - 35 cm

The maximum number of fish that can be caught and killed per species are:

1 Salmon per angler per day
0 Trout per angler per day
5 Grayling per angler per day
All other species have no catch limit.

Only traditional spinning and trolling is allowed

Snag Fishing is prohibited, as well as fishing with spinning fly and other fishing sinkers.

Max hook size #2

Be considerate of other fishermen on the river. Do not park the car near the house and respect private roads.

Please use provided rest stops and avoid fires in inappropriate places. Feel free to use the wood provided. Throw trash in our trash cans or take it home.

When trolling, let the boat go with the flow at the same rate as other boats. Do not obstruct other boats by stoping to fish in one place. Keep a distance of 100 meters to the boat below and trust boats above to respect the same distance. If a boat above you has a Salmon on the line, please make room for free passage right away.


Fishing is allowed throughout the year, however, there are restrictions on the following species to help support and undisturbed spawning and re-conditioning period:

No Fishing from September 01st - January 01st

No Fishing from September 01st - January 01st

No Fishing from May 10th - June 10th


We recommend a sturdy 13-15 foot two-hand rod for fly fishing. Reels should take at least 200 m of backing line. The same applies for spinner fishing – sturdy 12-15 foot rods, large spool reels or multiplier reels with room for up to 200 m of line. We recommend line 0.45 mm up to 0.60 mm in thickness. Later in the season, when smaller salmon arrive, lighter tackle will also work.