In the heart of Swedish Lapland, in the kingdom of the midnight sun and the cloud of the deer, Ängesån runs across the Arctic Circle. Over six miles of high-quality and varied fly and spin fishing beats, with everything from rapids to glassy pools, invites a guaranteed memorable and for those who seek it, undisturbed fishing adventure. In addition to Ängesån's unique large and warrior like wild salmon, here is an impressive large growing strain of Grayling.

The fishing area starts several kilometres above the mouth of Lina river tributary to Ängesaån, and flows down in to the Swedish national river Kalix in the central town of Överkalix. Throughout this stretch of water there are some twenty rapids. Some of the most well-known are Linafallet, Gärdforsen, Lappforsen, Storstenforsen, Årforsen, Vääriniva, Sistkost, Älgforsen, Utterforsen and Långforsen.

In addition to Ängesån being a tributary river to the Kalix river there are also smaller tributary streams to Ängesån Lina and Tvärån which is especially appreciated for its easily accessible and nice Grayling fishing.

The beaches around Ängesån are shallow with wading-friendly gravel river beds, which of course makes fly fishing more comfortable. The river is easily accessible by a well-developed forest car network on both sides of the river making it easy to get out to the fishing spots via short hikes. Ramps and paths are well marked by signs. In the area there are also around ten wind shelters, thirty fireplaces and four huts for short breaks.


Fishing with natural bait in flowing water is not permitted on the association's water upstream of the bridge in the Tväredet, or in the Tvärån water system.

If several fishermen are on the same fishing site, newly arrived fishermen shall start fishing upstream and then fish downstream. Fishing takes place according to the principle of a one cast, one step. It is therefore not allowed to occupy a fishing spot. This applies to everyone, both spinning and fly fishing. Keep in mind that everyone who has a fishing license has the same right to fish.

It is not allowed to use lead or other weights when fishing, for example fishing with spinner fly is not allowed.

Boat fishing is only allowed on the distances downstream of the bridge in the Tværdet to the confluence with the Kalix River. For boat fishing, a maximum of one rod per person is allowed.

Children under the age of 16 fish for free.

- Fishing for grayling is prohibited between 1 March - 31 May.
- The minimum kill size is 35 cm.
- A maximum of four Grayling per day per fisherman may be killed.


- Fishing for Salmon is permitted from 1 June to 31 August.
- The minimum kill size is 50 cm.
- During the period from 1 June to 31 July, each fisherman may kill a maximum of one Salmon per day. During the period from 1 August to 31 August, no Salmon may be killed and all caught Salmon must be immediately released.
- When fishing for salmon, in addition to a valid fishing license, a
special gill plum (tag) is also required for marking of killed salmon.

- In 2018, total fishing ban applies to trout. (To protect the weak trout strain.)

Fishermen caught without a valid fishing license are required to pay a control fee of SEK 2000.


The salmon fishing season starts at the end of May and continues until the end of August. The best time for salmon angling is from the week before Midsummer (which falls on 24 June) to the end of August. The best time for grayling is at the beginning of the season, when the water is coldest. There are always plenty of grayling in the area. We recommend that when you arrive at Jockfall, you bring a one-hand rod and grayling flies.


We recommend a sturdy 13-15 foot two-hand rod for fly fishing. Reels should take at least 200 m of backing line. The same applies for spinner fishing – sturdy 12-15 foot rods, large spool reels or multiplier reels with room for up to 200 m of line. We recommend line 0.45 mm up to 0.60 mm in thickness. Later in the season, when smaller salmon arrive, lighter tackle will also work.